Halo VIS-10

Designed for reliability and value, the Halo VIS-10 combines full scanning capability with excellent resolution applicable to a wide range of routine and advanced procedures in the visible spectrum.


Spectral Features
The spectral bandpass of 5nm ensures optimum performance with excellent spectra and peak resolution.
Other specifications include a wavelength accuracy of 1nm, noise level 0.5% T (500nm, 100%T) and stray light 0.5% (360nm NaNO2).


Built-in and Diverse Range of Measurement Modes
Photometry Mode:
  Perform quantitative analyses in either absorbance or transmittance modes. Select from single wavelength and set up calibration curves with up to 8 standards for concentration measurements.


Wavelength scan: Perform a full spectral scan from 330 to 999nm at a selectable scan speed ranging from a high resolving 60nm/minute up to a quick 800nm / minute. Data is displayed as either numerical values or a graphical spectrum in either absorbance or transmittance modes.


Other Features
User friendly operation and information rich LCD display
Validation Functions
Cuvette Holder and Large Sample Compartment

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