Microplate Instrumentation

Halo LED 96

Halo LED 96 is a computer-controlled microplate reader for 96 well plates.  Easy and safe operation takes away the hassle from your daily microplate reading jobs.


LED Technology
Instead of lamps and filters, Halo LED 96 is equipped with up to 6 intelligent, wavelength specific LED-plugins.  Each plugin contains its own digital ID, LED-light source, filter and lenses in one easily exchangeable component.


Low power consumption
With a maximum consumption of 12W during reading and a stand-by consumption of not more than 2W, Halo LED 96 again is setting new standards.


Unrivaled optical performance
The basis for optical performance in reading technology is the light source.  Modern LEDs are known for their high and extremely stable light energy paired with very low energy consumption.


Intelligent LED Plugins
Each wavelength is defined by a "LED plugin" includes light source, filter, lenses and electronic plugin identification.  Adding new wavelengths (e.g. 340nm) or exchanging existing ones is easy and safe.  Auto-recognition of the individual plugins takes away the worry about filter positions in the reader.


Computer Controlled
Halo LED 96 is fully computer-controlled.  The operation software, Capture 96 collects the raw OD data from the reader.  Besides, with its clipboard function, the export of raw data into any spreadsheet program for further calculations is simple.


Mikro Win 2000 compliant
In combination with Mikro Win 2010 data reduction software (optional), Halo LED 96 adapts itself to any of your requirements for microplate based assays.  Depending on your package selection, Mikro Win 2000 is the best choice for routine applications as well as extended screening, curvefit and kinetic studies.

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