Thermal Cycler

C-Master GT/RT

Thermal Cyclers
The C-Master series thermal cyclers are designed with a unique combination of features to deliver excellent and reliable performance with easy operation and compact footprint.


Excellent & Reliable Performance
To ensure that all wells are maintained at the proper temperature throughout each incubation step, C-Master provides excellent thermal accuracy and uniformity of ±0.2°C for non-gradient protocols and ±0.3°C for gradient protocols. C-Master is also capable to produce high temperature ramp rates to shorten the time to reach target temperature.


User-Friendly Operation
The 7-inch color touch screen interface allows you to quickly manage your programs and start the runs with ease. The interface with intuitive software features color graphic, easy program, folder editing, personalized password protection and on-board storage capacity of more than 10,000 programs.


Effi cient Optimization
(Feature of C-Master GT Gradient Thermal Cycler) C-Master GT allows you to optimize your protocol in a single run by testing 12 different incubation temperatures simultaneously across a wide range of 30°C. Together with the latest Peltier technology, the gradient calculator controls and ensures high accuracy and uniformity of each column.


Other Features
• Innovative 9677 block included (96x 0.2ml and 77x 0.5ml tubes)
• Interchangeable block design
• Heated lid with adjustable pressure
• Lid heating will automatically turn off if block temperature is lower than 30˚C
• Easy storage and transfer protocols among cyclers using a USB storage device
• Capable to control 100+ thermal cyclers with optional PC Management Software

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