Microplate Instrumentation

Corona MTP-601F

The MTP-601F is a reliable and high sensitive PMT based automatic fluorometer. It’s ideal for a wide range of fluorescence-based ELISA and measurements including cytokines, growth factors, cytosolic Ca2+, proteases and DNase.


Self-Diagnosis Function
Reminder for Lamp Replacement: The usage and life-span of the halogen lamp is automatically monitored. The user will be prompted to replace the lamp when the usage exceeds the standard life-span of the lamp.
Low Maintenance Cost: The price of halogen lamp is less than 10% of a Xenon lamp without compromising the sensitivity.


Auto-Alignment Function
Enable the use of microplates from different manufacturers without compromising the result accuracy.A versatile instrument that is capable of making minor adjustment according the microplate parameters provided by the manufacturer for precise measurement. The instrument is preset to use with the Greiner’s F-bottom microplate.Additional 5 microplate formats can be added upon user preference.


High Sensitivity
MTP-601F is equipped with a high sensitive photomultiplier tube (R928), which enables the detection of fluorescein as low as 2 × 10 -11 mol/l.


· 2 shaking modes- orbital or linear
· 3 different shaking speeds
· 3 different durations- 5, 10 or 20 seconds


User- Friendly On-Board Control Panel
The keypads on the main unit enables the scrolling and direct display of operating conditions on the LED.
MODE: Endpoint/Kinetic
SENS: Sensitivity range
MIX: Shaking duration

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