GelView Master Series

Gel Documentation System


The Dynamica GelView Master is affordable price gel documentation system with many advance features and functions




XB-10 & VIS-20

UV / Visible and Visible Touch Screen Spectrophotometer


The Halo XB-10 and VIS-20 are a high quality, touchscreen operation, compact measurement systems for daily analysis in education, QC and basic research.




pHMaster Series

pH Meters


The pHMaster range of pH meters is designed for the contemporary laboratory environment and also specialized applications in biological and life sciences.




Halo DNAmaster

Microvolume Nucleic Acid and Protein Analyser


The Halo DNAmaster complements the existing range of Halo spectrophotometers and plate readers. It is designed for the measurement and analysis of precious samples by requiring only microvolume quantities. DNAmaster features the same ruggedness, reliability, precision and reproducibility synonymous with the Halo family. The Halo DNAmaster is equipped with a comprehensive selection of on-board functions for versatility and suitability to many life science applications involving nucleic acid, proteins and bacterial cultures.